Popcorn Machines

When it comes to popping corn, you need a machine that is safe to operate and easy to clean, but also delivers the absolute best-tasting popcorn. Our poppers come with signature E-Z Kleen Kettles that feature long-lasting performance, low maintenance and a stainless steel cook surface. View all our machines by visiting our catalog.

Fun Pop 8-oz. Popper (available in red or black)

Traditional 8-oz. Popper is good for any every day use. This is our most popular popper which we use for all of our rental programs. This machine features a heated corn deck, kernel tray and twin arm suspension.

Antique Deluxe 60 Special (available in red or black)

This is our throwback model. If you want the vintage style this is the perfect option for you. This is a 6-oz. Popper offers an antique finish and etched glass.

Fun Pop 4-oz. Popper (available in red or black)

Unique small size with big giant taste! Similar features to our 8-oz. Popper with a slightly smaller kettle has classic, textured powder-coated paint and tempered glass.

Pop About Popper (available with a 6-oz. or 8-oz. kettle)

Making popcorn just got a lot easier with this lightweight and portable model. This machine has built in handles and a cord holder for easy transportation. Perfect for rental companies. It also features and Energy Management System (EMS) to maintain wattage for optimum performance.

Super PopMaxx 16-oz. Popper

Big kettle benefits, small popper footprint. This machine delivers maximum popping capacity with the lowest energy consumption.

Mighty Mite 16-oz. Gas Popper

This is the ideal gas model perfect for special events, carnivals, farmers markets and other mobile locations where electricity is difficult to access. 20,000 BTU popper for use with LP gas.

60-oz. Cornado

Perfect for large productions. The largest kettle in the Gold Medal line delivers an astounding 75 lb. of popcorn every hour. This model also features the streamlined heated oil line kit and runs on a 50-amp line. Available in right or left-hand dump.

Kettle Corn 6-oz. Ultra 60 Special

With special temperature controls designed to maximize the best kettle corn flavor and popping.

Karmel Baby Cooker Mixer

This 2.5 gallon cooker and mixer is the perfect size to supplement smaller retail operations or enjoy for home or office use. This 15-amp model pops and coats fresh caramel corn every 20 minutes. Base and cooling pan sold separately.

Mini Tumbler

This is the perfect size tumbler for a 15 lb. tub of great tasting Cheddar Classic Cheese Mix. This compact, light weight tumbler is portable and easy to use. Simply heat the cheese, then pour it on the popped corn right in the stay-fresh container for gently tumbled, fully coated cheese flavor. It holds 2.5 gallons of corn with the lid off and 4.5 gallons with the lid on.

Cart for Fun Pop Poppers (available in different sizes and colors)

Add color and convenience to your popper. This matching cart includes a storage compartment to hold your popcorn and bags. 20" wheels and adjustable feet.

Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton candy is the most profitable concession item in the market. Easy to make, easy to sell and extremely popular. NEW! The ONLY UL Sanitation approved floss machine in the industry or on the market today. Machines have a spring loaded retaining cap that makes assembly and disassembly easy for cleaning without the use of tools. New molded rubber floaters are impervious to debris and bacteria. They are easily adjusted for the airlift that is needed for different types of climates.

All existing model options and styles have been integrated into one cabinet design. These are the standard features you will receive with the new style cabinet:

  • New style Lock-N-Go™
  • Redesigned bell housing sugar seal
  • Bowl positioning brackets with bumper
  • Flip down front door for easy serviceability
  • IEC power connector for easy cord replacement

Auto Breeze

This is the most popular machine in our Cotton Candy line. This machine uses a simplified single control with automatic heat adjustment and cool down feature. The auto cool prevents clogging and ensures perfectly adjusted voltage. It includes a stainless steel cabinet, 26" aluminum floss pan and Whirlgrip Stabilizer. It is also available with the Lock-n-Go handle for easy transportation.


This model maintains consistent voltage throughout production and automatically adjusts the heat. Also includes a stainless steel cabinet, 26" aluminum floss pan and Whirlgrip Stabilizer.

Floss Boss

This machine is perfect for beginners. Easy to operate and low in price. Perfect for rental companies. This model features a solid state heat control and a high-capacity spinner head. It also includes a Whirlgrip Stabilizer and a Non-Metallic White Pan.

Tornado with EMS and Voltage Booster System

Every Tornado machine has a built in voltage booster system. This model also features a variable electronic heat control and a huge auto transformer. It includes a 7" floss head, a 26" aluminum floss pan and a Whirlgrip Stabilizer. Perfect for high output performance.

Pinkie Floss Cart and Double Bubble

A classic best seller that draws attention to your Cotton Candy business. Makes your cotton candy machine easier to transport. The Double bubble helps to control your spinning cotton candy and maintain safe operation

Nacho Machines

El Nacho Grande Cheese Dispenser

The most popular nacho machine and perfect for any business and any occasion. This dispenser maintains airtight control and requires virtually no cleaning (no cheese touches any machine parts). This machine is easy to align, fast to load, and even provides a space to preheat a second bag. It includes a 3 button dispensing control and adjustable settings so you can choose the cheese distribution that you desire most.

Dual Cheese and Chili Dispenser

Sell chili and cheese fast, hot and at the same time. This model contains dual peristaltic pumps and each side holds one 140-oz. bag for maximum taste and variety.

Bag Cheese and Chili Pre-Warmer

A necessity for busy locations and great prep for big nacho business. This includes four heated shelves sized for one standard cheese or chili bag. Maximize your output and profit.

Sno-Kones® / Shaved Ice Machines


This model is the heavyweight champion of the Sno-Kone® world. Virtually indestructible with its 1/4" cabinet. Features a 1/4 hp motor and includes a drain hose and scoop.

Deluxe Sno-Konette

This stainless steel model features an illuminated sign and is UL Sanitation approved. This model has a 120-V shaver and can tackle up to 500 lb. of ice an hour. It includes a cup dispenser, ice scoop and drain pan.

Hawaii's Finest Heavy-Duty Shave Ice Machine

This model will shave up extra-fine snow with its heavy-duty 3/4 hp Brute Force Motor.

Polar Pete

This hard working polar bear is extremely attractive and fun for any event involving kids of all ages. This shave has a commercial-grade motor built to blast through ice. It is lightweight and easy to transport.

Two-Wheel Sno-Kone Cart

This two-wheel cart features a solid stainless steel top and sturdy handle. Easy to transport your Sno-Kone machine and very appealing.

Funnel Cake Fryers

Six Cake Funnel Gas Fryer

This machine is capable of cranking out six funnel cakes at one time. It features a nonelectric thermostat and holds 50 lb. of oil to a steady temperature for reduced oil absorption and perfectly cooked cakes. This model is a stainless steel fryer with an impressive 95,000 BTU jet burner. It also includes a safety pilot and drain and requires a minimum 10" clearance on all 3 sides.

Deluxe Funnel Cake Fryer FC-4

This high-output fryer features more heating contact for quicker recovery and even heating, turning out four 8" or six 6" funnel cakes at a time. It has an increased oil capacity of 47 lb., a remote power switch and a safe oil-preheat function.

Super King Ultimate Funnel Cake Fryer

This model can produce up to six funnel cakes at a time. It is the ultimate in high-production ribbon element models with a 47 lb. oil capacity and 9,000 watts.

Frozen Drinks / Frusheez™ Machines

Twin-Bowl Frusheez™

Perfect for any occasion. This twin-bowl model allows you to create two different frozen drink mixes at the same time. With 3.7 gallon bowls you can maximize output and profit for your business. It is also available in a single-bowl and triple-bowl.

Twin-Bowl Frusheez™ Tote

This heavy-duty carrier with rear mounted casters has wheels on one side so it functions like a dolly. This makes transporting your machine extremely easy and prevents the machine from tipping over during travel.

Compact Frusheez™ Machine

This compact-size model uses less electricity than traditional machines and features simple controls and spill protectors. This machine features a 1.5 gallon bowl and is lightweight and easy to transport.

Hot Dog Machines

Lil' Diggity Hot Dog Grill with Sneeze Guard and Bun Warmer

This is the perfect hot dog setup for superior sales and it is designed to fit almost anywhere. This grill is 21" wide and features 10 stainless steel rollers powered by an industry leading drive system. The 300 watt bun warmer keeps up to 36 buns ready to serve. The sneeze guard provides protection for the hot dogs. The grill, sneeze guard, and bun warmer are all sold separately.

Grilla Reciprocating Hot Dog Grill

This model has a nonstick, ribbed cook surface that is easy to clean. This grill features new settings for holding and haul controls for two-zone heat, as well as a removable tray that collects dripping juices. It is wide enough to accommodate 1/4 lb. hot dogs and can hold up to 36 regular sized hot dogs.

Steamin' Demon

This steamer is has a full stainless steal cabinet and lid. It can hold up to 90 regular hot dogs and 40 buns. With the standard juice tray, you've got an easy-to-clean machine with a long-lasting heating element.

Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie

This machine can hold up to 56 hot dogs and 40 buns. Extremely appealing to the eye, it also contains a warmer positioned over the water pan for keeping dogs and buns hot and fresh using moist heat. It has tempered glass windows, a bun warmer, and a power head, all of which can be lifted off individually making cleaning much easier.

Baking Machines

Round Belgian Waffle Baker

This 1300 watt electronic baker delivers the perfect waffle- light, airy and crisp. This includes digital temperature and timer control. This model is also available with a nonstick coating grill

Four-Square Belgian Waffle Baker

This 1660 watt baker has a high speed 3 minute cook cycle which yields 70-80 waffles per hour. Also available with a nonstick coating grill.

Giant Waffle Cone Baker

Freshly made waffle cones sell twice as much as pre-made cones so this is the perfect machine to help your business increase profits. This 1,000 watt baker's new, improved timer ensures a perfect, crisp 8" cone every time. Cone-forming mandrel and batter dip tray are included. Also available with a nonstick coating grill.

Specialty Machines

Pralinator Frosted Nut Machine

This high capacity machine has a 10" square pedestal turning out 4 lb. in approximately 15 minutes following the first batch. Available in a right and left hand dump. Mobile base unit cabinet sold separately.


Heavy Duty Lemon Squeezer

Lemonade squeezers are a low-cost, high-profit best seller at any venue, arena, or festival. Simply add the juice of a half a lemon, ice and water.


King Dog Electric Corn Dog Fryer

This fryer is ideal for corn dogs un to 8.5", crisping them to tasty perfection with 35 lb. of oil. This is the only electric fryer on the market that can successfully handle a foot long sized corn dog and 50 lb. of oil. It comes standard with two six position Skewer Clip Assemblies.

Waffle Dog Baker

Perfect for fudge puppies or corn dogs that you prefer to bake, rather than fry. This 1660 watt baker can make 5 at a time with even cooking throughout.

Warming Machines

Humidified Pizza Warmer and Merchandiser

This 1480 watt model keeps your pizza hot, fresh and ready to serve. Also, can be used to keep pies warm. This cabinet can take up to four 18" pizzas but has the shelf bracing to hold pies as small as 12". It also features twin 9-hour water trays, rotating racks, 40 watt illumination and lift-out glass.


Pretzel Oven and Humidified Merchandiser Combo

Cook, hold and sell all in one place. This 1602 watt combo oven, warmer and merchandiser lets you oven-bake your pretzels to their just right 450 degree temperature. It holds up to 50 jumbo pretzels and features removable glass, 8-hour water trays, oven timer, rotating racks and 40-watt illumination.

12" Servalot Chip Warmer

This warmer packs up to 10 lb. of chips and keeps them crunchy and warm from a heated deck. Simply load chips in the top and serve out the front. This 90-watt merchandiser also lights up the chips with a yellow accent light. It includes a plexiglas window and stainless top and bottom.

Nacho Cheese Warmer with Heated Pump

This 330-watt cheese warmer has a new and improved pump and reengineered cabinet design. The lighted sign will draw the attention of even more customers.